The coating technology of perfume glass bottle

The coating technology of perfume glass bottle

The coating technology of perfume glass bottle
The Coating Technology Of Perfume Glass Bottle

The perfume glass bottle coating production line is composed of coating house, suspension chain and oven. And before coating, there is water treatment system to clean the glass bottle, here we need to pay more attention on the drainage issue of polluted water. Coating quality of glass bottle is related to water treatment, surface cleansing, electric conductivity of hook, air volume, powder quantity, and technical level of operators.

Opeate as recommend operations.

1. Former treatment: the coating former treatment of glass bottle includes pre-deoxidation, deoxidation and surface conditioning. The former treatment will not be good if temperature is not high enough in process of deoxidation in cold area.

2. Pre-heating: After former treatment, the bottles will go into process of pre-heating, it needs 8-10 minutes. In principle, in order to increase the adhesive force of color powder, do make sure the glass bottle has enough afterheat before go into coating house.

3. Dust catching and cleansing:  it's important process for glass bottle to be coated, to make sure no granulate on the surface after coating.

4. Coating: it depends on the technical level of operator to adjust machine in best condition to coat high quality perfume glass bottle.

5. Dry: It needs suitable temperatuer and baken time for glass bottle, normally temperature 180-200℃. Don't place the oven far from the coating house, best within 6 meters.