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Can I customize the design of my perfume bottle packaging?

Can I customize the design of my perfume bottle packaging? Certainly, GP Bottles is providing service of design, customization, contract manufacturing and decorations to customize your own perfume bottle packaging.

What's the proccess of perfume packaging customize design?

The goal is to match up the style of perfume designs, GP Bottles design perfume packaging to catch the soul of perfume,  and to present first image of a perfume, it's import to attract the eyes of customer by visual impact. We can go to following steps to understand the process of GP Designs. Idea The idea of design would be a kind of picture, think,  style or actual sample. GP Bottles will draw several sketches according to the idea for reference. You can check it and choose which one need to be developed. Drawings After determining the sketch to develop, GP Bottles designer will work it to lay out full set drawing including 2D drawing, 3D rendergraph to show you the details of design.  3D Mock-up Along with the developing of 3D printing technology, we now have the chance to check the unexpected problems before actual production, it's really the key processing of perfume packaging design and development. GP Bottles can make the Mock-up with acrylic material for glass perfume bottle, and aluminium or plastic material for perfume caps. You can check the match up between the bottle and cap, and the whole effection of the total design. Mold tooling & Testing Sample After confirming the sketches and mock-up, we will get up into next step to build testing mold to produce first testing sample for your final approval. The testing sample can be produced with decorations and label as your final perfume, it's necessary for you to pre-sell or make marketing material of the perfume.

How long dose it take to get from idea to mock-up?

GP Bottles has complete design precedure of perfume packaging, it takes around 10~15 working days to get actual mock-up sample after confirming the design of one set perfume packaing including bottle and cap. 

What's the process of 3D printing Mock-up for perfume packaging?

Step 1. 3D Drawing build GP Bottles have prefessional desinger to build precise 3D draiwng according to idea or requirement from buyer, file format will be STEP, STL, OBJ for 3D printer to output the mock-up. Normally all the accessories will be desinged in one file to ensure the matching up for each part of a perfume packaging design. 2D draiwng & rendering will be built too. Step 2. Material selection Import Resin Pure white, used to print precise, good toughness, good strength part. Photosensitive Resin With smooth surface and details of photosensitive resin, the printed parts is colorness, it looks like the real transparent plastic. Nylon It's used to print eletronics, power tool with advantage of anti high temperture, toughness and strength. Flexible Glue Anti hot and cold, it has good elasticity, good strenght, and tear resistance PC Anti high temperature, good photopermeability, high transparency, light weight, good overall performance. Aluminium alloy Good designability without limit of constructure, low density, good specific strength Zinc alloy Kinds of surface treatment, good corrosion resistance, suitable for complicate shape and thin wall parts. ABS Cheap cost, good strength, kinds of color avaiable Step 3. Surface treatment CNN processingColor paintingOxidization & CarbonizationSilk screen printingElectroplatingLaser embossWater transfer printingBased on kinds of surface treatment, we can provide mock-up of perfume packaging as the full set design of final effect. That will be easy for product department to present best visual effect to marketing department to have better sales evaluation.

What's the mold tooling process?

GP Bottles makes high-end steel mold for glass perfume bottle, perfume cap. Before actual production, we will make a test mold to produce samples for approval, after approval, we will make the production mold. That means we can check the producion problems with the testing sample, and adjust the mold without much more cost. Molding for glass perfume bottle After confirming the mock-up and related drawings, we will make one glass bottle test mold to produce testing sample. We can check the weight, volume, appearance, internal modelling etc from the tesing mold. That will makes the mass production more safe, more efficient and less risk. There are total 6~8 molds to produce on the glass bottle machines in mass prodction. Molding for perfume caps Different from the glass bottle mold, there are 2~8 cavities core on the plastic or metal cap mold. So we will make one cavity test core to produce testing sample for approval. After approval, we will make the remaining core on the mold. We need to test the match up, weight, surface and the chemical parameters of testing sample. That's very important for the cap.

What's the MOQ of perfume bottle packaging?

GP Bottles - Complete Perfume Packaging SolutionsGP Bottles, a China based company, active in the design, research, development, manufacturing glass bottle, cap, sprayer and other accessories of perfume packaging for global partners.On account of the different material and processing for different components, it’s not easy to purchase with one supplier. Therefore, GP Bottles is founded to unite quality manufacturers located in China to manufacture refined perfume packaging.As the co-founder of GP Bottles, Mr.Ben has been involving in the industry of perfume packaging manufacturing for over 12 years. GP Bottles pursue the competitiveness on creative, quality control, technology and sustainable development. MOQ for glass perfume bottles For public mold of glass perfume bottles, the MOQ is 30,000 pcs for one item, and 10,000 pcs per design of decoration processing. GP Bottles provide LOW MOQ service for customized glass bottle and limit item. Consult us for more information. MOQ for perfume caps The MOQ of perfume cap is 10,000 pcs for one item.GP Bottles provide LOW MOQ service for customized perfume cap and limit item. Consult us for more informations.

What is the typical lead time for manufacturing custom perfume packaging?

Delivery time for glass bottles It takes 45~60 days to finish one order for glass perfume bottles, stocks available for some models. We can provide you the existing p you have a urge production plant to select bottle if you have a urgent delivery time. Delivery time for perfume cap It takes 45~50 days to finish one order for perfume caps, stocks available for some models. We can provide you the existing production plan to select caps if you have a urgent delivery time.  

How do you control the quality of custom perfume packaging manufacturing?

Expertise in perfume bottle productionWe have years of experience and expertise in manufacturing perfume bottles, allowing us to provide top-notch contract manufacturing services. In pre-production meeting, the engineer will indicate every point that importation in produce process, including volume, weight, dimensions, defect etc.Manufacturing ProcessOur manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced machinery and technology, enabling us to produce high-quality perfume bottles efficiently and consistently.Quality AssuranceWe prioritize quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Our team adheres to strict quality control measures to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and industry standards. Four turns inspect will be carried out in the production line, and final inspection can be done before the shipment.Compliance with regulationsWe stay up-to-date with industry regulations and compliance standards to ensure that the manufacturing process meets all necessary legal and safety requirements. Our efficient manufacturing processes and supply chain management enable us to meet your deadlines without compromising on quality. We prioritize confidentiality and take measures to protect your intellectual property rights, providing you with peace of mind during the contract manufacturing process.

Can you accept small quantity order of custom perfume packaging?

Small quantity orders GP Bottles support small quantity orders such as stock bottles and caps, customized bottles and caps, it requires higher unit price for small quantity order, contact us for more details.  

How do I get free sample of perfume bottle packaging?

How do I get free sample of perfume packaging? Sample is the most important parts in the foreign trade business, both for foreign buyer and China seller.  GP Bottle pay more attentions on sample part, so we are offering good sample policy to our global partners.First sampleThat's the first touch with GP Bottles,  and your first chance to inspect the quality of products. At this stage, we will provide free sample to you, but please pay the bill of delivery cost. We think that's a good way to build trust for each other. Design sampleAt this stage, you will provide the designed rendering to require real sample to check the final effection. For some of the decorations, we may require sample cost to make the good quality sample, like coating, hot stamping, frosting, printing etc. Surely, we will refund the cost to you after receiving your mass production order.Pre-production & Pre-shipment sampleWe will take over the cost to send you sample for approval.GP Bottle will provide full set of sample for your reference, includes glass perfume bottle, perfume cap, pump sprayer, collar, perfume box, perfume label and corresponding decorations.

What's the payment method in purchasing perfume bottle packaging from GP Bottles?

Payment Method | GP Bottles.com Order confirmationAlong with the order confirmation, 30% deposit is needed for GP Bottles to start the production of perfume bottle packaging.Balance paymentGP Bottles will inform our client to prepare pre-shipment inspection or pre-shipment sample approval once we finish the bulk goods. 70% balance payment need to be paid before the goods leave our factory. More payment way is negotiable after become our long cooperated client.Here above is normal precudure of TT, WestUnion, Paypal, MoneyGram payment, and we accept 100% LC at sight. 

How to improve annealing of glass perfume bottle?

Due to the tolerance of drastic temperature changes, the glass bottle produces a temperature gradient between the inner and outer layers during the molding process, and due to the differences in the shape, thickness, and degree of cooling of the finished product, irregular thermal stresses are generated in the product. Such thermal stress can reduce the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the product, and also affect the optical uniformity of the glass. If the stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the finished product, it will break on its own. Therefore, the uneven thermal stress in the glass bottle is a serious mistake, and annealing is a heat treatment process that can eliminate the thermal stress in the glass bottle as much as possible or reduce it to an allowable value. Except for glass fibers and thin-walled small hollow products, indeed all glass products must be annealed. Thermal stress in glass products can be divided into temporary stress and permanent stress according to its characteristics.Temporary stressDue to its poor thermal conductivity, when the glass is heated or cooled below the strain point temperature, a temperature gradient will be formed in each part, resulting in inevitable thermal stress. This kind of thermal stress, with the existence of the temperature difference, the greater the temperature difference, and the greater the stress temporarily, and disappear with the disappearance of the temperature difference. This thermal stress is called temporary stress.But before the temperature is out of adjustment, what should be paid attention to, of course, the stress can be eliminated by itself. When the stress value exceeds the ultimate strength of the glass, the glass will rupture itself abnormally, so the heating or cooling speed of the glass in the brittle temperature range should not be too fast. Permanent stressThe thermal stress caused by the temperature difference, when the glass is cooled from above the strain point temperature, the glass is cooled to room temperature, and the temperature of the inner and outer layers is out of adjustment, but it cannot be completely dissipated. The magnitude of the permanent stress depends on the cooling rate of the finished product when it is above the strain point temperature, the viscosity of the glass, the thermal shortening factor and the thickness of the product and other glass machinery.Annealing of glass is to reheat the glass product with permanent stress to the temperature at which the particles inside the glass can move, and the displacement of the particles is controlled to disperse the stress (called stress relaxation) to eliminate or weaken the permanent stress. The rate of stress relaxation depends on the temperature of the glass. The higher the temperature, the faster the relaxation rate. A suitable annealing temperature range is the key to obtaining precise annealing quality for glass. In the actual production process, it is impossible to completely eliminate permanent stress. Annealing can reduce or homogenize the residual stress to a minimum to achieve the enhancement of the glass to get purpose of mechanical strength and thermal stability.

Can you handle international shipping and customs clearance?

Can you handle international shipping and customs clearance? Certainly, GP Bottles provide kinds of services for shipping method to simply the process of international trading. With the over 10 years global business experience, GP Bottles has established a stable supply chain for the international trading business. Transportation: Sea, Air, Train, Express.  Trade terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, DDU, DAP.

What's the difference of blown glass bottle and molded glass bottle?

1. Different process. The blown glass bottle is first drawn into a glass tube, and then the glass tube is used to make the bottle on a vertical turntable machine. The molded bottle is produced using boron (B) sand and quartz sand on a kiln line machine (Produce ) To make the bottle, the control bottle does not use a mold (title: mother of industry), only two sets of mold wheels are used, and a complete set of molds is required to mold the bottle. 2. Different appearance. the outer surface of the blow glass bottle looks brighter, the transparency is better, and the molded bottle is rougher. Glass bottle my country's traditional beverage packaging container, glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace. 3. In terms of material: domestically controlled bottles are generally made of low boron (B) silicon, but high borosilicate and medium borosilicate can also be made, while the molded bottle is made of sodium (Sodium) calcium glass, because the material is inferior to drug resistance and acidity ( liè) in the control bottle. Freeze-drying of control bottles is better, while molded bottles cannot be freeze-dried.