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What's the difference between crystal bottle and glass bottle?

What is the difference between glass and crystal? The appearance of glass and crystal are very similar, but they are two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:  1. Different materials  Crystal is a crystal of silica, and glass is just a molten mixture containing silica.  2. Different efficacy  Glass only has a decorative function. In addition to the decorative function, crystal also has a piezoelectric effect, which has a special function of maintaining health.  3. Different prices   The high-quality crystal looks clear and translucent when looking at the light. There are no small bubbles or water lines inside, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.  4. Different physical properties  (1) Crystal is a crystalline body with high hardness (Mohs level 7), while glass has a low hardness (Mohs level 5.5), crystals can make marks on the glass, but not vice versa.   (2) The crystal is a crystalline body with good thermal conductivity, and it will feel cold when licked with the tip of the tongue. The glass is warm.   (3) It is distinguished by polarizing lens. Crystal can transmit light, but glass cannot.   (4) The high-quality crystal looks clear and translucent when looking at the light. There are no small bubbles or water lines inside, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.   (5) The processing technology is different. The glass can be formed by hot casting, saving materials and labor, and low cost. Crystal is a crystalline body and cannot be reversed after being heated and melted, so hot casting cannot be used, but cold working methods such as cutting and grinding can only be used. Identification of glass and crystal 1. Wipe or wash the crystal crafts you want to identify. After they are dry, touch the crafts with the tip of your tongue. If there is a cold feeling, it is a crystal product, and if it has a warm feeling, it is a glass product. During the test, try not to hold the sample with your hands or place the sample near a heat source (in the sun, by the stove), so as to avoid errors caused by the temperature rise of the sample.  2. Use a magnifying glass to observe the handicrafts. Inside the glass, there are often swirling or arc-shaped lines caused by uneven melting, but there is no crystal. In addition, there are often many bubbles in glass and few in crystal.  3. For the crystal ball, you can put it on the newspaper and look at the newspaper below from the top of the crystal ball. If it is a real crystal, the writing on the newspaper will have double shadows. In the case of glass products (including crystal glass), there is always only one image of the handwriting on the newspaper.  4. For crystal glasses, it can be checked in a polarizer. Adjust the polarizer to the orthogonal position. At this time, the field of view is completely black. Then place the crystal glasses between the upper and lower polarizers. The lens and the polarizer should not be strictly parallel. You can tilt it slightly so that there is one lens and the polarizer. Cross the angle, and then turn the spectacle lens. If it is made of real crystal crafts, there will be obvious brightness changes in the field of view. If it is always dark when rotating, the spectacle lens is a glass product or crystal glass (glass made of low-quality crystal).   5. When traveling, the polarizer is inconvenient to carry. You can bring two polarizers (or two small polarizers for photography) with a diameter of less than 40mm. When measuring, one person holds two polarizers so that they are orthogonal and completely black. Human hands hold the glasses and rotate them between the two polarizers. If there is a significant change in brightness, it is a real crystal product, and if the darkness does not change, it is a glass product.

How to improve annealing of glass perfume bottle?

Due to the tolerance of drastic temperature changes, the glass bottle produces a temperature gradient between the inner and outer layers during the molding process, and due to the differences in the shape, thickness, and degree of cooling of the finished product, irregular thermal stresses are generated in the product. Such thermal stress can reduce the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the product, and also affect the optical uniformity of the glass. If the stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the finished product, it will break on its own. Therefore, the uneven thermal stress in the glass bottle is a serious mistake, and annealing is a heat treatment process that can eliminate the thermal stress in the glass bottle as much as possible or reduce it to an allowable value. Except for glass fibers and thin-walled small hollow products, indeed all glass products must be annealed. Thermal stress in glass products can be divided into temporary stress and permanent stress according to its characteristics.Temporary stressDue to its poor thermal conductivity, when the glass is heated or cooled below the strain point temperature, a temperature gradient will be formed in each part, resulting in inevitable thermal stress. This kind of thermal stress, with the existence of the temperature difference, the greater the temperature difference, and the greater the stress temporarily, and disappear with the disappearance of the temperature difference. This thermal stress is called temporary stress.But before the temperature is out of adjustment, what should be paid attention to, of course, the stress can be eliminated by itself. When the stress value exceeds the ultimate strength of the glass, the glass will rupture itself abnormally, so the heating or cooling speed of the glass in the brittle temperature range should not be too fast. Permanent stressThe thermal stress caused by the temperature difference, when the glass is cooled from above the strain point temperature, the glass is cooled to room temperature, and the temperature of the inner and outer layers is out of adjustment, but it cannot be completely dissipated. The magnitude of the permanent stress depends on the cooling rate of the finished product when it is above the strain point temperature, the viscosity of the glass, the thermal shortening factor and the thickness of the product and other glass machinery.Annealing of glass is to reheat the glass product with permanent stress to the temperature at which the particles inside the glass can move, and the displacement of the particles is controlled to disperse the stress (called stress relaxation) to eliminate or weaken the permanent stress. The rate of stress relaxation depends on the temperature of the glass. The higher the temperature, the faster the relaxation rate. A suitable annealing temperature range is the key to obtaining precise annealing quality for glass. In the actual production process, it is impossible to completely eliminate permanent stress. Annealing can reduce or homogenize the residual stress to a minimum to achieve the enhancement of the glass to get purpose of mechanical strength and thermal stability.

What's the price range of a perfume you can buy?

What kind of perfume can I buy for $300,000? The price range of perfume you can buy from $10 to $400 even more expensive, what's the packaging material they are using? Crystal, dimond?GP Bottles offer different material of perfume packaging for different price range.-------------------------------------------------------------------------I checked the following item. The domestic website said it was 3.6 million yuan, but the Russian website said it was 300,000 euros, and the Arab countries website said it was 1.6 million US dollars. Emmm... the gap is really big! ! !Anyway, 120 grams of white gold plus 40 carats of agate and 15 carats of diamonds...Oh yeah, its name is Guerlain Le Secret de la Reine, which is considered jewelry to be precise $10: which perfume brand you can buy? Don't laugh everyone! When it comes to ten dollars, do you think that you can only buy fake brand-name perfumes in boutiques? Or the cheap fake brand in the supermarket? It's not that simple! There is something called celebrity fragrance... Taylor Swift/Katy Perry/Justin Bieber, which are familiar to friends, have launched perfume brands with the same name. Of course, most of their products are also people-friendly. You can buy them on Amazon for more than a dozen dollars~ Normally the packaging of those perfume is glass bottle with plasitc cap or resin cap or light weight aluminium cap. $50, which perfume brand you can buy? When it comes to the range of fifty dollars, your options are all at a higher level! Due to the existence of conscientious brands such as Bvlgari, you can buy fragrances that smell good and have no obvious "chemical smell" for less than $50. The packaging and bottle quality far exceed $10. Of course you can also choose Cartier, Clinique, Ferragamo, Mugler... a lot of good things #100, which perfume brand you can buy? You can buy many of the most well-known perfumes on the market in this range. Brands include Armani, Chanel, Chloe, Dior, D&G, Givenchy, Gucci, Guerlain, Hermes, Lancome, Prada, Tom Ford, YSL...Of course, because most of these brands There are high-end lines, and there are even more than one series of high-end lines, so you can only buy some of their products for $100. $200, which perfume brand you can buy? Two hundred dollars is the high-end watershed for most ordinary luxury brands. Dior, Chanel, YSL, Armani, D&G, Lancome (counting cosmetics) basically all fluctuate in the range of two hundred dollars. Among them, the prices of some high-end lines of YSL, Armani and Lancome are slightly lower than two hundred. Note: Dior's original high-end line series are very cost-effective. Not only is the fragrance worthy of recognition, but the fragrance spread is also very satisfactory. At this price range, most of the perfume will use refined metal perfume cap with leather and high-end electroplating decorations. $300, which perfume brand you can buy? Within this range, you can find countless excellent works, but beyond this range, products worth the price have dropped drastically. After all, you have to know that some brands are born for making money...cough cough. Even if it is a brand that usually seems to be conscientious, who said that it will not pit money? Back to the topic, what can I buy for $300?In this stall, only Guerlain will play with you in the commercial fragrance... You can choose Les Déserts d'Orient series, any one of the Les Parisiennes series, oh yes, I almost forgot, Bottega Veneta's high-end line is also similar In this stall...Also, if you don't care about the price/performance ratio, Dior has a fragrance of 3ml three hundred dollars... $400, which perfume brand you can buy? There is basically no commercial fragrance in this stall. First of all, you can buy any one of Kilian's Oud series; secondly, Clive Christian always has expensive gadgets you can't think of; Creed has a few products that cost about 400 dollars; Amouage also has them. A small amount; MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540 is a huge fire in the United States

Why dose French perfume become the top of world?

Advanced Design ConceptFrance becomes the top country of perfume with great perfume manufacturer and advanced deisgn concept. Frech deisgners are good at adapting kinds of raw material, and dare to use new material, new technolgoy, new form to create the perfume packaging. They deisgn the perfume packaging based on the fashion and innovation to reach the aesthetic psychology of consumer to purse difference. They are hungry to get inspiration from different culture period in history. Consider from the view of consumer, they design perfume packaging according to multiple feeling of consumer to strength attraction, and pay more attention the visual experience and function of perfume packaging.Perfume packaging design is an integral part of perfume, it's amazing, international, and keyword of a perfume, it's the necessities of perfume compay to succeed. Perfume pacakging design is the connection of art and industry, market and manufacture, innovative and functional.Recognizing a perfume brand is achieved through packaging. Consumers must get enough information and be able to decode and understand some symbols in order to recognize the product and its value, and lead to the final purchase behavior. 1. New material, new technology, new formLook into the history of perfume container development, people had been exploringto use different material to make perfume container. At initial trial in egpty, people made the various of perfume containers with stones, like round body bottle, thick tall bottles. All with open mouthed to be sealed by flat cork or cloth ball. At DC 6th century, the moulded small earthen bottle had been develpoed, it's imitated the form of human head at the beginning. By the 16th century, the merchant of Venice learned to blow glass, so the glass can be blowed to multiple shapes, the perfume bottles became more and more beautiful.With the advent of the industrial revolution, large-scale industrial production has led to mass production of glass bottles, reducing costs and giving birth to many famous perfume manufacturers. Like Gelle Freres, Guerlain,Lubin, Millot, Rigaud, Roger & Gallet, Ed.Pinaud, L.T., Piver etc.2. Passionate pursuit of novelty, uniqueness and fashionThe French attach importance to innovative ideas. With their creative passion and imaginative temperament, they can often design products full of spirituality, paying equal attention to creation and imagination, pursuing novel and unique styles, making new ideas and making trends. They believe that designers should be able to break customs and create new design symbols, so that products can stand out from the dazzling perfume shelves, defeat competitors and please consumers. Therefore, French perfume design is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, avant-garde and romance. It is not stingy with creative elements, bold and varied colors, ever-changing bottle shapes, and fine partial designs are enough to make people admire.3. Good at absorbing the nutrition of history and artMany French perfume design ideas come from the works of artists such as Renoir, Vuillard, Fantin-Latour, Odilon Redon, etc. There is a connection between art and packaging design. The significance of art to design and design to art lies in cultivation Originality, inspiration. From the perspective of some products, many successful perfume packaging designs have been influenced by art. In turn, they themselves have a certain influence on the development of art.4. Comprehensive consideration of consumers' humanistic perceptionFrance is an innovative and eclectic nation. For a long time, French people like new packaging and new style products, even if it is more expensive. This spiritual trait of seeking innovation and development has been completely integrated into his blood. In any case, innovative shape design plays an increasingly important role in the establishment and promotion of perfume brand image. A French perfume that is fascinating just by looking at the packaging, its design is based on fashion and innovation. The French people’s desire for fashion and innovation is reflected in all aspects of life, especially perfume packaging, but French designers consider the visual image of the packaging while also taking into account its functionality, making the packaging in addition to its visual appeal. , It also has the characteristics of easy identification, use, grasping, and preservation. Looking at the packaging of French perfume, we pursue a style that has no time to show, combining simplicity and decoration, convenience and attractiveness, giving the perfume a spiritual and fresh life.

How to present costly feeling of perfume by the design of perfume packaging?

How to improve your perfume brand class an present costly feeling by a design of perfume bottle packaging?  For most of the luxury brands of perfume, they pay great attention to the choice of style when designing the perfume bottle packaging. If the style is selected correctly, the charm of the perfume can be greatly improved, so perfume manufacturers should also carry out With this kind of packaging design, when designing perfume bottles, the choice of style should be based on high coldness, because most women hope to attract more opposite sex through their high coldness, so that they can find the most suitable alternative. Half, so if women want to show their charm and temperament, they must choose those perfumes that can make them cold, and manufacturers should also use high cold style as the main design method when designing packaging.The reason why a woman wants to use perfume is to highlight her own charm, so that when you are in contact with others, you can highlight the sexy of women. Therefore, in this case, you must choose a suitable pattern as a perfume bottle packaging design The choice of patterns is also very important. In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics of high coldness, it should also be elegant. Through some simple pattern designs, such effects can be achieved. One of them is The effect of the pattern element is the best, that is, the smoke of various colors, but do not have different colors on the same bottle, which will directly reduce the taste and make the product look less high-end.In the process of perfume bottle packaging design, if you want to make the perfume bottle look more high-end, you must pay attention to the methods mentioned above, choose such a scheme for design, and you can truly achieve your goal. On the one hand, when designing a perfume bottle, you should only choose one color. If there are too many colors, you will lose the characteristic of high coldness, and at the same time, there will be no temperament at all.GP Bottles will provide customization service with your advanced concept of perfum pacakging design.

What's the process of 3D printing Mock-up for perfume packaging?

Step 1. 3D Drawing build GP Bottles have prefessional desinger to build precise 3D draiwng according to idea or requirement from buyer, file format will be STEP, STL, OBJ for 3D printer to output the mock-up. Normally all the accessories will be desinged in one file to ensure the matching up for each part of a perfume packaging design. 2D draiwng & rendering will be built too. Step 2. Material selection Import Resin Pure white, used to print precise, good toughness, good strength part. Photosensitive Resin With smooth surface and details of photosensitive resin, the printed parts is colorness, it looks like the real transparent plastic. Nylon It's used to print eletronics, power tool with advantage of anti high temperture, toughness and strength. Flexible Glue Anti hot and cold, it has good elasticity, good strenght, and tear resistance PC Anti high temperature, good photopermeability, high transparency, light weight, good overall performance. Aluminium alloy Good designability without limit of constructure, low density, good specific strength Zinc alloy Kinds of surface treatment, good corrosion resistance, suitable for complicate shape and thin wall parts. ABS Cheap cost, good strength, kinds of color avaiable Step 3. Surface treatment CNN processingColor paintingOxidization & CarbonizationSilk screen printingElectroplatingLaser embossWater transfer printingBased on kinds of surface treatment, we can provide mock-up of perfume packaging as the full set design of final effect. That will be easy for product department to present best visual effect to marketing department to have better sales evaluation.

What's the payment method in purchasing perfume bottle packaging from GP Bottles?

Payment Method | GP Bottles.com Order confirmationAlong with the order confirmation, 30% deposit is needed for GP Bottles to start the production of perfume bottle packaging.Balance paymentGP Bottles will inform our client to preapre pre-shipment inspection or pre-shipment sample approval once we finish the bulk goods. 70% balance payment need to be paid before the goods leave our factory.Here above is normal precudure of TT, WestUnion, Paypal, MoneyGram payment, and we accept 100% LC at sight. 

The coating technology of perfume glass bottle

The Coating Technology Of Perfume Glass Bottle The perfume glass bottle coating production line is composed of coating house, suspension chain and oven. And before coating, there is water treatment system to clean the glass bottle, here we need to pay more attention on the drainage issue of polluted water. Coating quality of glass bottle is related to water treatment, surface cleansing, electric conductivity of hook, air volume, powder quantity, and technical level of operators.Opeate as recommend operations.1. Former treatment: the coating former treatment of glass bottle includes pre-deoxidation, deoxidation and surface conditioning. The former treatment will not be good if temperature is not high enough in process of deoxidation in cold area.2. Pre-heating: After former treatment, the bottles will go into process of pre-heating, it needs 8-10 minutes. In principle, in order to increase the adhesive force of color powder, do make sure the glass bottle has enough afterheat before go into coating house.3. Dust catching and cleansing:  it's important process for glass bottle to be coated, to make sure no granulate on the surface after coating.4. Coating: it depends on the technical level of operator to adjust machine in best condition to coat high quality perfume glass bottle.5. Dry: It needs suitable temperatuer and baken time for glass bottle, normally temperature 180-200℃. Don't place the oven far from the coating house, best within 6 meters. 

Brief analysis of the special silk-screen printing process of glass perfume bottles

1. Etching screen printingThe modern etching screen pirnting make the process of glass bottle decoration more convenient, save time, save cost. There are two kinds of etching screen printing, one is Thermoplastic etching screen printing, one is cold etching screen printing.Thermoplastic etching sreen printingUse the adhesive made of paraffin, pitch, stearic acid and mix with less corrosion resistant powder to be printing material, then print the artworks on glass bottle by the thermoplastic screen to format as corrosion resistant film.The part of glass display on the film is the logo or pattern we need to etch. Use Fluorine perchlorate to make the etch, and use boiled water to wash the etched the pattern.Cold etching screen printingWe can also use the cold type to print the glass bottle, use special asphalt paint mix with corrosion resitant or special ink to print.Then etch it after the ink dry.2. Ice-patterned silk screen printingThe elegant ice-patterned silk print used on advanced glass ware or contruction glass material. First step is to print color or colorless glass flux layer on the glass bottle surface. Then put the ice-patterned glass particles on the flux layer, to sintering with 500~590℃ to make the flux layer melted with glass prticels and perform to relief effect.3. Frosting screen printingFrosting is kind of decoration to melt the glaze layer on the glass bottle surfacto with 580~600℃ high temperature bake to display different color compare with bottle. Hereunder shows how to do with frosting screen printing: On the surface of a glass product, screen prints a pattern formed by a flux inhibitor.To be printed on the pattern of dry, and then frosted processing.Then after high temperature baking, there is no pattern of the sand surface will melt on the glass surface, and the place of the silk screen printing pattern due to the effect of flux resistance, the sand surface covered on the pattern can not be fused on the glass surface.After baking, the transparent floor space pattern will appear through the translucent sand surface, forming a special decorative effect.

How do I get free sample of perfume bottle ?

How do I get free sample of perfume packaging? Sample is the most important parts in the foreign trade business, both for foreign buyer and China saler.  GP Bottle pay more attentions on sample part, so we are offering good sample policy to our global partners.First sampleThat's the first touch with GP Bottles,  and your fisrt chance to inspect the quality of products. At this stage, we will provide free sample to you, but please pay the bill of delivery cost. We think that's a good way to build trust for each other. Design sampleAt this stage, you will provide the designed rendering to require real sample to check the final effection. For some of the decorations, we may require sample cost to make the good quality sample, like coating, hot stamping, frosting, printing etc. Surely, we will refund the cost to you after receiving your mass production order.Pre-production &Pre-shipment sampleWe will take over the cost to send you sample for approval.GP Bottle will provide full set of sample for your reference, includes glass perfume bottle, perfume cap, pump sprayer, collar, perfume box, perfume label and corresponding decorations.

Top 10 brand perfume glass bottle showcase 6-10

Top 6 - Lanvin:Éclatd'ArpègeLavin presented perfume Éclatd'Arpège is try to recommend the special perfume to youngth, so it's not accidental it becomes the most classic perfume packaging in the history.Ball shaped glass bottle with classic gooden stamped parttern of mother & son, and purple background, not black. Especially, the unique transparent box show out the whole glass bottle, it's designed by creative diretor of Lavin. TOP 7 - Marc Jacobs:Decadence Eau The intention of Marc Jacobs Decadence is "To Relfect unruly charm",  and with unexpected costustoot and sexy. The design is to present a actual hand bag of Marc Jacobs, not as same as landmark bag of a designer.Designed by the inspiration of landmark bag of Marc Jacobs, it brings meaningful of perfume spray out from bag by the functional design. TOP 8 - YSL:Mon Paris YSL Mon Paris designed from the inspiration of strong smell of love, go from the top to bottom in classic hues of Paris. Light pink and black patterned finished with black bold house signature logo.Polyhedral glass bottle present perfectly of pink liquid.The focus of this most beautiful package is the top lid on the bottle. TOP 9 - Valentino -  Valentina Don't need to think about the perfume liquid filled in when this packae comes to your eyes. The rose box and bottle are not only standing for sexy, romantic of rose, but also standing for defiant strawberry. Valentino deisgner want to express romantic love of the brand.  TOP 10 - Miu Miu:L'Eau Bleue No sexy pink, no bowknot and no crystal, but the declarative-made perfume package is beautiful. Fresh and cheerful fragrance is placed in the blue quilting box, matched polyhedral bottle, and soft yellow lid that landmark as shiny.

Top 10 brand perfume glass bottle showcase 1-5

Top 1 - Alexander McQueen: Perfume for her It's amazing that the uncommon fashion house Alexander Mcqueen has created avant-garde perfume bottle packaging. The perfume is made from the precious essence of three flowers bloom at night - Jasmine, Tuberose and Cananga Odorata. So the flower aesthetics make the mini art as a shape forever with the dark, but the perfume bottle is deigned to a golden feather with a fashion cap.How do you think about it? TOP 2 - BVLGARI:Le Gemme Imperiali The inspiration of this perfume is come from the pure white jade. It stands for pure, peace and feminity, the jade is always a gift to commemorate friendship.This warm, earthy perfume packed in box is also pure and inspiring. It brings different style with the subuliform glass bottle shape and pure blue tops with gloden intersperse. The box is designed with elegant spiral textures and luxury gold and black. TOP 3 - HERMÈS:Twilly d'HERMÈS Kinds of colorful perfume box of Hermes Perfume is a best case for perfumery that attract customers by fresh colorful box. It use bold desing of neon stripes to immitate the fresh breath of perfume.Hermes has lead the popular trends by this small beautiful perfume bottle design. The feature of this bottle is the nifty handmade silk bowknot and a lid looks like the landmark cap of designer. TOP 4 - Valentino -  Donna Fragrance Valentino describe Donna as perfume of " An independent who can be suddenly passionate and unexpected shy". All the meanings are included in the delightful pink box of Donna perfume. The simple decorated box is safety and expected,  the perfume bottle is the sudden passion.The elegant, bold and pleasure designed perfum bottle adopt quilting seamed pink and white crystal pattern. TOP 5 - Lancome: La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum The feature of Lancome perfume is the brand landmark "Crystal Smile" which created by art director of Lancome in the year of 1949. Life is beautiful. This has a whole new meaning with La Vie Est Belle! This version took a year of experimentation with 23 master glass blowers to achieve the circular plane design.And there is grey braid at neck of bottle which means free twin wings. Fancy perfume box is corresponded to luxury perfume bottle with pink.

Three trends drive the growth of market of cosmetics bottles and perfume bottles

Spending on beauty and health care is on the rising The study showed that the Beauty Salon and Beauty Centre is the biggest benificary, customers have been focusing on the beauty and healthy. They are willing to spend high cost to have the on time beauty treatment and service from professional people.  It's driving the growth of cosmetic bottles and perfume bottle market with more and more beauty companies appearing and consume mode changing on the spend of beauty of customers. More attractive of gorgeous packagings According to the study, high-end packagings can improve the satisfication of a beauty brand, and increase rate of rebuy and recommend to others. The prime business players on the cosmetic bottle and perfume bottle market are brining in kinds of glass packagings of cosmetic and perfume to enlarge their product lines. Permeability of cosmetics and perfume is increasing in developing countries Emerging economies are bringing more and more demands on the cosmetics and perfume, so more and more beauty companies are facusing on the market of emerging economies.

Can you accept small quanity order?

Small quantity orders GP Bottles support small quantity orders such as stock bottles and caps, custmized bottles and caps, it requires higher unit price for small quantity order, contact us for more details.