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Differdifference between strong and light perfume edt from edp

Difference between strong & light perfume, EDT & EDP.  The difference between the strong and the light perfume The biggest difference between the strong and the light perfume lies in the concentration. Strong perfume is always with high concentration, while light perfume with low concentration, the higher concentration it with, the longer scent it will last.  High concentrated perfume will last longer time. The tasted of low concentrated perfume is outstanding but need to always fill spray. These  two kinds of perfume suitable for different occasion is different and different people. Strong perfume suits for  formal occasion, light perfume suits for leisure timeThe difference between EDT & EDP of perfume.EDT & EDP of perfume stands for concentration.  EDT is eau de toilette, belongs to light perfume, which is suitable for daily use. EDP is eau de parfum, belonging to strong perfume and suitable for formal use. The ingredients of EDT and EDP account for different proportions, with different fragrance time and choose according to people’s preferences. The two are different. If you want the scent last longer, better  to experience edp, and make a decision.Strong or lighter scent?  It is better to choose perfume that suits for people’s temperament, or occasions. Young people like light perfume much more while mature ones like strong perfume. Because of different concentration, the scent & duration also different. If in formal occasions, better to use strong perfume. 

Can pregnancy continue to use perfume?

It seems that perfume is widely used during our daily lives, especially for office people.  We wear garment, we wear makeups, we wear different scent to identify ourselves. However,  the situation may be different after pregnancy. You will have a lot of physiological changes, including obvious changes in smell and taste, and some perfume flavors can make you sick, dizzy, headache.The ingredients of the perfume include natural and synthetic fragrances, as well as some chemical compounds. Generally, the chemical components in these fragrances are safe for pregnant women and the fetus, but some unproven animal studies suggest that the chemical components in certain fragrances may have some adverse effects on the health of the offspring. For safety, it is recommended not to use the perfume containing chemical composition during pregnancy, what can be safely used is 100% pure natural, no added perfume. Thus,  frequent perfume is not recommended if not for important occasions.In order to make oneself become a good scent woman, you can consider the use of fragrant body spray, skin care lotion and so on. Their taste are lighter and less alcohol than perfumes, and some ingredients can also help reduce nausea and vomiting such as mint, ginger, cardamom, citrus, lavender, roses, chamomile, etc. Not only use these  natural plants and flowers fragrant spray and skin lotion to let you emit,  also use the essential oil extracted from these plants for incense or massage, which will help you relieve discomfort symptoms during pregnancy. In addition, other soaps, lotion, and skin care products used during pregnancy should be  all natural ingredients, without any chemical compounds added. Applying perfume is prohibited to hospital staffs.Because 30% of people are allergic to artificial fragrances. And 25% of asthma patients are afraid to such artificial fragrances, which will worsen the symptom. Cigarette flavor and artificial fragrance are the most common irritants among the inducing factors of asthma. In this case, not only for medical staffs, but also for all hospital visitors, better not use artificial perfume when go to hospital. 

secrets of perfume

Will the perfume expire and deteriorate? Not exactly correct. The reason why perfume expire or not dose not depend on time. But the environment with light or high temperature. Keeping a perfume by window, while another in drawer. You will easily find difference after one week. Whatever scent or color.Top notes will be easier to expire.The shorter life of the ingredients are, the shorter scents it can last. So they are normally used for top notes.  The chemical properties of the middle and base tones are very stable, so many antique perfumes are only top notes changed after long time storage. This is not hurt, because the middle and base tone is the soul.The taste of some ingredients will change. Because of different recipe, some scents of perfume will expire after long time shortage. But it is depends on the recipe not price. If the main ingredients are short time scents spices, it will be absolutely stands short time.Why does color change? Some perfume will color change after long time shortage. But is depends on the different spices. Normally color will be darker. But will not affect the scent. Such as vanilla, hydrangea, garnetberry. They are easily color changed. And some ingredients will be oxidized after open, which will case color change obviously.How to store perfume? Sun shine and hot places will not be good for perfume storage. Especially UV in sun will be harmful to spices. Too high or low temperature will destroy essential oil balance. If the perfume with spray, should use it immediately instead of volatilization. For the long time shortage perfume, please keep away from sun shine. If possible, put it in refrigerator. 

Different notes in with perfume.

Normally we  pay much attention on the first notes of perfume when we buy them in stores. But what we enjoy most  is the middle note. So let distinguish what different notes or perfume. Ordinary three notes combine the notes of perfume. Top notes, middle notes & base notes. Top notes, it is know as first time we meet the perfume. The initial impression of perfume. They do not last long, but thye are refreshing, light and strong. Always combine with fruits, spices & herbs. Middle notes, they are base notes last longer on skin with skin temperature increase. As core of perfume. They stand for the real character of perfume and people.  10 or 15 minutes after top notes, the middle notes appear with skin temperature increase. They usually combine jasmine, geranium, or something spices.    Base notes, they can last for hours even days on skin. And then gradually the scent become lighter & lighter. 

How to make your own personal perfume

How to DIY your own perfume Have you ever consider that different people with different scent?  Means single person can be distinguished by scent.  However, are you satisfied with your signature scent? To be unique and easily distinguished, here are some ways to home make simple personal scent. First of all, you need to prepare below ingredients. 1. Carrier oil. Normally jojoba oil or almond oil. 2. 190-proof alcohol, not necessary, but if you have, just prepare. 3. Essential oil. 4. Spray, perfume bottle and perfume cap.  Now let’s make our genius personal perfume step by step. Keeping your selected perfume bottle, spray, cap in sight of you to make good spirit. And to put the essential oil(20%) & carrier oil(80%) together. To avoid irritation, do not keep essential oil more than 20%. And a easy way is to use a rubber bulb to count how many drops of each oil you have dripped. As each essential oil is not same, please control the ratio when you feel the perfume concentration is suitable for you. Always checking the mixture if it is meet your satisfaction.  You can keep dry coffee beans beside you in case long time with perfume to keep your smell refreshing.         Next step is to add the more alcohol, stirring or shake the mixture for a couple of minutes. Then let it calm down for 2 days or 2 months. The scent will change over time. So during this time, notice which period is you like. Adding some spring water and filter it before pouring it into perfume bottle.       Then you can take out the elegant perfume bottle and pouring your mixture into it. Label it,  you will have your own unique perfume. 

How can I make the fragrance last longer when I use perfume? 4 tricks to learn quickly~

4 tricks of using perfume 1. The most suitable parts for spraying perfume are the back of the ears, the back of the neck and the inside of the wrists at body temperature.When spraying perfume, there are several key criteria: the body temperature, the upper body is better than the lower body, and a small amount of spray on several places. The back of the ears and the back of the neck are not only the body temperature, but also the place where the pulse beats. Spraying perfume on this place can release the fragrance most reasonably.2. Naturally disperse the fragrance with the skin moistened with fragrance mistIf you want the fragrance to diffuse more naturally at every key point of the body, apart from the method of spraying on special parts, it is strongly recommended to spray the perfume in the air immediately, and then walk into the fragrant cloud to leave it all over the body. There is a light fragrance.3. Human body fragrance can actually be used as fragranceNowadays, more and more well-known brands are promoting fragrance, but if you are a petty bourgeois woman with a relatively limited budget or are obsessed with the original fragrance, it is suggested that you can spray the fragrance on a wooden comb and comb your hair. With ethanol, this posture can prevent the perfume from being sprayed on the hair immediately, causing the hair to dry out.4. Spray perfume after taking a showerAfter taking a shower, the basal body temperature is relatively high, and the skin is also slightly moist. At this moment, spraying perfume has a multiplier effect through the blood circulatory system, which can produce fragrance and retain fragrance, so that you can still smell after waking up the next day. When it comes to a comfortable, light scent, you only need to refill it in a small amount once, and the fragrance will last for a long time.

Do you know about the basic knowledge of perfume?

Basic knowledge of perfume - Create your private label perfume packaging | GP Bottles Perfume reflects a person's taste better than clothing. Then the most basic choice of perfume is based on the fragrance. The fragrance of the perfume will change according to the change of time. The fragrance emitted by each change is different. The fragrance of general perfume is divided into three types: top note, middle note, After adjustment. The so-called first taste is the aroma that is emitted about 10 minutes after the perfume is rubbed; the middle taste only appears 30-40 minutes after rubbing, and the aftertaste takes 30 minutes to one hour to smell the aroma. Common perfume notes mainly include six major series of perfume notes. Floral notes Floral notes can be divided into three types: simple floral notes, such as pure jasmine, gardenia, rose, etc.: composite floral notes are blended with a variety of floral notes, such as violet and rose. , Or lily of the valley and lily of the valley: the floral scent plus the chemical raw material acetaldehyde becomes the acetaldehyde floral scent, and the acetaldehyde scent is stronger and more fragrant, which can add feminine charm and romance. Floral fragrance is the most suitable perfume fragrance for women and also the most commonly used by women Citrus notes Citrus fragrance refers to the fragrance constructed with lightly sweet and sour spices such as lemon, orange, and bergamot. The light, dry, sour and sweet taste makes it popular regardless of gender. It is worth mentioning that this kind of perfume is more volatile and has a shorter fragrance. Therefore, our common perfume always uses this kind of fragrance as the top note (the fragrance will be emitted about 10 minutes after rubbing). This type of perfume is most suitable for people who love sports and travel, but also suitable for active and energetic young people. Green notes The green scent that exudes the scent of leaves or weeds can be divided into several: the scent close to the green grass or leaves is called the leaf green scent: the hyacinth green scent similar to the floral scent of hyacinth; the green apple green scent is like the scent of green apple; People feel the green scent of vegetables with the green and astringent taste of vegetables; and the green scent of sea with the aroma of seaweed. Green fragrances are also refreshing scents like citrus fragrances, and green fragrances are also synonymous with health. Citrus Moss Scent The citrus moss fragrance is based on the bitterness of the oak parasitic on the oak trees in central Europe. Its blend of bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, and the aroma of trees and musk make it a low sweetness, but very feminine aroma. This kind of breath gives people a sense of stability and maturity, suitable for successful men and elegant classic ladies. Oriental fragrance The so-called oriental fragrance is divided into the category of fragrance materials, and perfumes are prepared with animal fragrances such as oriental trees, spice, resin, and musk. Everyone knows that musk is aphrodisiac. Because this type of perfume often uses fragrance materials such as musk, it will leave a sexy and charming impression when used. This kind of fragrance has a long-lasting fragrance, and the sexy and charming smell it releases can make you full of charm at night, but the editor warmly reminds that due to the strong fragrance of this kind of fragrance, try to reduce the amount of this kind of fragrance during the day! Oriental floral notes As an improved oriental scent, the oriental floral scent is between the floral scent and the oriental scent. It is a soft and elegant floral scent mixed with a strong oriental scent, so it is obviously more sweet than the oriental scent, and can bring Gives a gentle feeling. You who love beauty, no matter day or night, you are suitable to use this kind of perfume. The above are the six basic notes. The fragrances derived from these six include oriental sweet notes, oriental spicy notes, acetaldehyde floral notes, fruity floral notes, forest notes, woody floral notes, and citrus moss. There are more than ten kinds of fragrance notes, green floral notes, compound floral notes, marine notes, fantasy notes and so on. It is difficult to classify different scents in practice, so there is no uniform statement about the classification of scents. For example, some authorities will classify according to this standard, some authorities will classify according to that standard, and perfume manufacturers will choose the classification according to their own needs or preferences. In addition, due to the complex composition of contemporary perfumes, it is very common for several fragrances to cross each other.

Innovative original designer perfume glass bottle packaging presentation

Innovative original designer perfume glass bottle packaging presentation | GP Bottles Along with the development of perfume industry, more and more famous perfume brands on the planet are focusing on the deisgning of its packaging. Customers are attracked firstly by the unique packaing of perfume, and perfume brand can be recognized by the unique perfume packaging, it would be the symbol of the brand. In the passed years, GP Bottles build the mold of glass bottle and caps by the design from our partners,  we have to admit that they are the advanced concept in the world for the perfume designing and we have the big distance gap from them.Love learning is the charactics of Chinese people. So for now, we have more and more excellent China designers appear in the world, we believe we have the ability to design excellent perfume packaging for world perfumery. Contact us now the have more designs for your reference, or get the real production with you own designs.

What's the difference of blown glass bottle and molded glass bottle?

1. Different process. The blown glass bottle is first drawn into a glass tube, and then the glass tube is used to make the bottle on a vertical turntable machine. The molded bottle is produced using boron (B) sand and quartz sand on a kiln line machine (Produce ) To make the bottle, the control bottle does not use a mold (title: mother of industry), only two sets of mold wheels are used, and a complete set of molds is required to mold the bottle. 2. Different appearance. the outer surface of the blow glass bottle looks brighter, the transparency is better, and the molded bottle is rougher. Glass bottle my country's traditional beverage packaging container, glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace. 3. In terms of material: domestically controlled bottles are generally made of low boron (B) silicon, but high borosilicate and medium borosilicate can also be made, while the molded bottle is made of sodium (Sodium) calcium glass, because the material is inferior to drug resistance and acidity ( liè) in the control bottle. Freeze-drying of control bottles is better, while molded bottles cannot be freeze-dried.

What's the difference between crystal bottle and glass bottle?

What is the difference between glass and crystal? The appearance of glass and crystal are very similar, but they are two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:  1. Different materials  Crystal is a crystal of silica, and glass is just a molten mixture containing silica.  2. Different efficacy  Glass only has a decorative function. In addition to the decorative function, crystal also has a piezoelectric effect, which has a special function of maintaining health.  3. Different prices   The high-quality crystal looks clear and translucent when looking at the light. There are no small bubbles or water lines inside, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.  4. Different physical properties  (1) Crystal is a crystalline body with high hardness (Mohs level 7), while glass has a low hardness (Mohs level 5.5), crystals can make marks on the glass, but not vice versa.   (2) The crystal is a crystalline body with good thermal conductivity, and it will feel cold when licked with the tip of the tongue. The glass is warm.   (3) It is distinguished by polarizing lens. Crystal can transmit light, but glass cannot.   (4) The high-quality crystal looks clear and translucent when looking at the light. There are no small bubbles or water lines inside, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.   (5) The processing technology is different. The glass can be formed by hot casting, saving materials and labor, and low cost. Crystal is a crystalline body and cannot be reversed after being heated and melted, so hot casting cannot be used, but cold working methods such as cutting and grinding can only be used. Identification of glass and crystal 1. Wipe or wash the crystal crafts you want to identify. After they are dry, touch the crafts with the tip of your tongue. If there is a cold feeling, it is a crystal product, and if it has a warm feeling, it is a glass product. During the test, try not to hold the sample with your hands or place the sample near a heat source (in the sun, by the stove), so as to avoid errors caused by the temperature rise of the sample.  2. Use a magnifying glass to observe the handicrafts. Inside the glass, there are often swirling or arc-shaped lines caused by uneven melting, but there is no crystal. In addition, there are often many bubbles in glass and few in crystal.  3. For the crystal ball, you can put it on the newspaper and look at the newspaper below from the top of the crystal ball. If it is a real crystal, the writing on the newspaper will have double shadows. In the case of glass products (including crystal glass), there is always only one image of the handwriting on the newspaper.  4. For crystal glasses, it can be checked in a polarizer. Adjust the polarizer to the orthogonal position. At this time, the field of view is completely black. Then place the crystal glasses between the upper and lower polarizers. The lens and the polarizer should not be strictly parallel. You can tilt it slightly so that there is one lens and the polarizer. Cross the angle, and then turn the spectacle lens. If it is made of real crystal crafts, there will be obvious brightness changes in the field of view. If it is always dark when rotating, the spectacle lens is a glass product or crystal glass (glass made of low-quality crystal).   5. When traveling, the polarizer is inconvenient to carry. You can bring two polarizers (or two small polarizers for photography) with a diameter of less than 40mm. When measuring, one person holds two polarizers so that they are orthogonal and completely black. Human hands hold the glasses and rotate them between the two polarizers. If there is a significant change in brightness, it is a real crystal product, and if the darkness does not change, it is a glass product.

How to improve annealing of glass perfume bottle?

Due to the tolerance of drastic temperature changes, the glass bottle produces a temperature gradient between the inner and outer layers during the molding process, and due to the differences in the shape, thickness, and degree of cooling of the finished product, irregular thermal stresses are generated in the product. Such thermal stress can reduce the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the product, and also affect the optical uniformity of the glass. If the stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the finished product, it will break on its own. Therefore, the uneven thermal stress in the glass bottle is a serious mistake, and annealing is a heat treatment process that can eliminate the thermal stress in the glass bottle as much as possible or reduce it to an allowable value. Except for glass fibers and thin-walled small hollow products, indeed all glass products must be annealed. Thermal stress in glass products can be divided into temporary stress and permanent stress according to its characteristics.Temporary stressDue to its poor thermal conductivity, when the glass is heated or cooled below the strain point temperature, a temperature gradient will be formed in each part, resulting in inevitable thermal stress. This kind of thermal stress, with the existence of the temperature difference, the greater the temperature difference, and the greater the stress temporarily, and disappear with the disappearance of the temperature difference. This thermal stress is called temporary stress.But before the temperature is out of adjustment, what should be paid attention to, of course, the stress can be eliminated by itself. When the stress value exceeds the ultimate strength of the glass, the glass will rupture itself abnormally, so the heating or cooling speed of the glass in the brittle temperature range should not be too fast. Permanent stressThe thermal stress caused by the temperature difference, when the glass is cooled from above the strain point temperature, the glass is cooled to room temperature, and the temperature of the inner and outer layers is out of adjustment, but it cannot be completely dissipated. The magnitude of the permanent stress depends on the cooling rate of the finished product when it is above the strain point temperature, the viscosity of the glass, the thermal shortening factor and the thickness of the product and other glass machinery.Annealing of glass is to reheat the glass product with permanent stress to the temperature at which the particles inside the glass can move, and the displacement of the particles is controlled to disperse the stress (called stress relaxation) to eliminate or weaken the permanent stress. The rate of stress relaxation depends on the temperature of the glass. The higher the temperature, the faster the relaxation rate. A suitable annealing temperature range is the key to obtaining precise annealing quality for glass. In the actual production process, it is impossible to completely eliminate permanent stress. Annealing can reduce or homogenize the residual stress to a minimum to achieve the enhancement of the glass to get purpose of mechanical strength and thermal stability.

What's the price range of a perfume you can buy?

What kind of perfume can I buy for $300,000? The price range of perfume you can buy from $10 to $400 even more expensive, what's the packaging material they are using? Crystal, dimond?GP Bottles offer different material of perfume packaging for different price range.-------------------------------------------------------------------------I checked the following item. The domestic website said it was 3.6 million yuan, but the Russian website said it was 300,000 euros, and the Arab countries website said it was 1.6 million US dollars. Emmm... the gap is really big! ! !Anyway, 120 grams of white gold plus 40 carats of agate and 15 carats of diamonds...Oh yeah, its name is Guerlain Le Secret de la Reine, which is considered jewelry to be precise $10: which perfume brand you can buy? Don't laugh everyone! When it comes to ten dollars, do you think that you can only buy fake brand-name perfumes in boutiques? Or the cheap fake brand in the supermarket? It's not that simple! There is something called celebrity fragrance... Taylor Swift/Katy Perry/Justin Bieber, which are familiar to friends, have launched perfume brands with the same name. Of course, most of their products are also people-friendly. You can buy them on Amazon for more than a dozen dollars~ Normally the packaging of those perfume is glass bottle with plasitc cap or resin cap or light weight aluminium cap. $50, which perfume brand you can buy? When it comes to the range of fifty dollars, your options are all at a higher level! Due to the existence of conscientious brands such as Bvlgari, you can buy fragrances that smell good and have no obvious "chemical smell" for less than $50. The packaging and bottle quality far exceed $10. Of course you can also choose Cartier, Clinique, Ferragamo, Mugler... a lot of good things #100, which perfume brand you can buy? You can buy many of the most well-known perfumes on the market in this range. Brands include Armani, Chanel, Chloe, Dior, D&G, Givenchy, Gucci, Guerlain, Hermes, Lancome, Prada, Tom Ford, YSL...Of course, because most of these brands There are high-end lines, and there are even more than one series of high-end lines, so you can only buy some of their products for $100. $200, which perfume brand you can buy? Two hundred dollars is the high-end watershed for most ordinary luxury brands. Dior, Chanel, YSL, Armani, D&G, Lancome (counting cosmetics) basically all fluctuate in the range of two hundred dollars. Among them, the prices of some high-end lines of YSL, Armani and Lancome are slightly lower than two hundred. Note: Dior's original high-end line series are very cost-effective. Not only is the fragrance worthy of recognition, but the fragrance spread is also very satisfactory. At this price range, most of the perfume will use refined metal perfume cap with leather and high-end electroplating decorations. $300, which perfume brand you can buy? Within this range, you can find countless excellent works, but beyond this range, products worth the price have dropped drastically. After all, you have to know that some brands are born for making money...cough cough. Even if it is a brand that usually seems to be conscientious, who said that it will not pit money? Back to the topic, what can I buy for $300?In this stall, only Guerlain will play with you in the commercial fragrance... You can choose Les Déserts d'Orient series, any one of the Les Parisiennes series, oh yes, I almost forgot, Bottega Veneta's high-end line is also similar In this stall...Also, if you don't care about the price/performance ratio, Dior has a fragrance of 3ml three hundred dollars... $400, which perfume brand you can buy? There is basically no commercial fragrance in this stall. First of all, you can buy any one of Kilian's Oud series; secondly, Clive Christian always has expensive gadgets you can't think of; Creed has a few products that cost about 400 dollars; Amouage also has them. A small amount; MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540 is a huge fire in the United States

Why dose French perfume become the top of world?

Advanced Design ConceptFrance becomes the top country of perfume with great perfume manufacturer and advanced deisgn concept. Frech deisgners are good at adapting kinds of raw material, and dare to use new material, new technolgoy, new form to create the perfume packaging. They deisgn the perfume packaging based on the fashion and innovation to reach the aesthetic psychology of consumer to purse difference. They are hungry to get inspiration from different culture period in history. Consider from the view of consumer, they design perfume packaging according to multiple feeling of consumer to strength attraction, and pay more attention the visual experience and function of perfume packaging.Perfume packaging design is an integral part of perfume, it's amazing, international, and keyword of a perfume, it's the necessities of perfume compay to succeed. Perfume pacakging design is the connection of art and industry, market and manufacture, innovative and functional.Recognizing a perfume brand is achieved through packaging. Consumers must get enough information and be able to decode and understand some symbols in order to recognize the product and its value, and lead to the final purchase behavior. 1. New material, new technology, new formLook into the history of perfume container development, people had been exploringto use different material to make perfume container. At initial trial in egpty, people made the various of perfume containers with stones, like round body bottle, thick tall bottles. All with open mouthed to be sealed by flat cork or cloth ball. At DC 6th century, the moulded small earthen bottle had been develpoed, it's imitated the form of human head at the beginning. By the 16th century, the merchant of Venice learned to blow glass, so the glass can be blowed to multiple shapes, the perfume bottles became more and more beautiful.With the advent of the industrial revolution, large-scale industrial production has led to mass production of glass bottles, reducing costs and giving birth to many famous perfume manufacturers. Like Gelle Freres, Guerlain,Lubin, Millot, Rigaud, Roger & Gallet, Ed.Pinaud, L.T., Piver etc.2. Passionate pursuit of novelty, uniqueness and fashionThe French attach importance to innovative ideas. With their creative passion and imaginative temperament, they can often design products full of spirituality, paying equal attention to creation and imagination, pursuing novel and unique styles, making new ideas and making trends. They believe that designers should be able to break customs and create new design symbols, so that products can stand out from the dazzling perfume shelves, defeat competitors and please consumers. Therefore, French perfume design is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, avant-garde and romance. It is not stingy with creative elements, bold and varied colors, ever-changing bottle shapes, and fine partial designs are enough to make people admire.3. Good at absorbing the nutrition of history and artMany French perfume design ideas come from the works of artists such as Renoir, Vuillard, Fantin-Latour, Odilon Redon, etc. There is a connection between art and packaging design. The significance of art to design and design to art lies in cultivation Originality, inspiration. From the perspective of some products, many successful perfume packaging designs have been influenced by art. In turn, they themselves have a certain influence on the development of art.4. Comprehensive consideration of consumers' humanistic perceptionFrance is an innovative and eclectic nation. For a long time, French people like new packaging and new style products, even if it is more expensive. This spiritual trait of seeking innovation and development has been completely integrated into his blood. In any case, innovative shape design plays an increasingly important role in the establishment and promotion of perfume brand image. A French perfume that is fascinating just by looking at the packaging, its design is based on fashion and innovation. The French people’s desire for fashion and innovation is reflected in all aspects of life, especially perfume packaging, but French designers consider the visual image of the packaging while also taking into account its functionality, making the packaging in addition to its visual appeal. , It also has the characteristics of easy identification, use, grasping, and preservation. Looking at the packaging of French perfume, we pursue a style that has no time to show, combining simplicity and decoration, convenience and attractiveness, giving the perfume a spiritual and fresh life.

How to present costly feeling of perfume by the design of perfume packaging?

How to improve your perfume brand class an present costly feeling by a design of perfume bottle packaging?  For most of the luxury brands of perfume, they pay great attention to the choice of style when designing the perfume bottle packaging. If the style is selected correctly, the charm of the perfume can be greatly improved, so perfume manufacturers should also carry out With this kind of packaging design, when designing perfume bottles, the choice of style should be based on high coldness, because most women hope to attract more opposite sex through their high coldness, so that they can find the most suitable alternative. Half, so if women want to show their charm and temperament, they must choose those perfumes that can make them cold, and manufacturers should also use high cold style as the main design method when designing packaging.The reason why a woman wants to use perfume is to highlight her own charm, so that when you are in contact with others, you can highlight the sexy of women. Therefore, in this case, you must choose a suitable pattern as a perfume bottle packaging design The choice of patterns is also very important. In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics of high coldness, it should also be elegant. Through some simple pattern designs, such effects can be achieved. One of them is The effect of the pattern element is the best, that is, the smoke of various colors, but do not have different colors on the same bottle, which will directly reduce the taste and make the product look less high-end.In the process of perfume bottle packaging design, if you want to make the perfume bottle look more high-end, you must pay attention to the methods mentioned above, choose such a scheme for design, and you can truly achieve your goal. On the one hand, when designing a perfume bottle, you should only choose one color. If there are too many colors, you will lose the characteristic of high coldness, and at the same time, there will be no temperament at all.GP Bottles will provide customization service with your advanced concept of perfum pacakging design.