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How do I get free sample of perfume bottle ?

How do I get free sample of perfume packaging? Sample is the most important parts in the foreign trade business, both for foreign buyer and China saler.  GP Bottle pay more attentions on sample part, so we are offering good sample policy to our global partners.First sampleThat's the first touch with GP Bottles,  and your fisrt chance to inspect the quality of products. At this stage, we will provide free sample to you, but please pay the bill of delivery cost. We think that's a good way to build trust for each other. Design sampleAt this stage, you will provide the designed rendering to require real sample to check the final effection. For some of the decorations, we may require sample cost to make the good quality sample, like coating, hot stamping, frosting, printing etc. Surely, we will refund the cost to you after receiving your mass production order.Pre-production &Pre-shipment sampleWe will take over the cost to send you sample for approval.GP Bottle will provide full set of sample for your reference, includes glass perfume bottle, perfume cap, pump sprayer, collar, perfume box, perfume label and corresponding decorations.

3D Printing technology support perfume packaging design

3D Printing Technology 3D printing appeared in the mid 1990s, actually it uses the light curing and the latest rapid prototyping paper laminated technology,  it's basically the same with ordinary print principle. The 3D printer is filled with printed materials such as liquid or powder printer or other material, the printing material will be laminated one layer upon layer through controlling of computer, the 3D drawing has finally become to actual object.3D printing is more suitable for small-scale manufacturing, especially for high-end, customised products such as testing mock-up for perfume packagings.GP Bottles use acrylic material to make mock-up for glass bottles, and use PP material to make mock-up for perfume caps. Even we can use aluminium material to make mock-up for zamac cap, aluminium cap.This technology will avoid more risks in perfume packaging designing and manufacturing, save time, save cost.