Production precudure of glass perfume bottle

Production precudure of glass perfume bottle


As a packaging for perfume, glass perfume bottle is the intuitive carrier to present the level, quality and orientation of perfume.

Glass perfume bottle manufacturing
As packaging of perfume, the glass perfume bottle is intuitive carrier to present level, quality and orientation of perfume. As the main customer group is female, we need to pay more attentions on the perfume bottles,  it will determine the attraction of a perfume once you have a view in your eyes. Here we share the manufacturing process of glass perfumebottles.

1. Raw material preprocessing

Smash the raw material (silica sand, sodium carbonate, limestones, feldspar etc), dry the wet material. Remove the content of iron element of material to ensure the quality of glass bottle.

2.  Mixed batch processing

3. Founding

To heating the mixed material in stove or furnace at super high temperature (1500~1600℃), till the mixed material become liquid type glass with symmetrical, no bubble, and meet the requirement of molding.

4. Molding

To mold it to rough shape with the specified mold, then move to secondary mold to blow the inner struction of glass perfume bottle.

5. Anneal

Move toconveyor for annel processing to remove the inside pressure of glass perfume bottle, it change the inner structure to make the glass bottle more strong.