The history of perfume bottle

The history of perfume bottle


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History of perfume bottle
The perfume bottles were made of silica dioxide namely glass at earlist time, at Pharaoh Era, the Egyptian leared the core glass moding technology from the Mesopotamians, they started to make the matching container for perfume, essential oil and balsam. 

Around B.C. 1500, the glass perfume bottle with skillful craftsmanship has appeared, it's always in navy, and transparent or opaque with decoration of blue, white and yellow jagged pattern, that named Lalique Style at the period. At same time, the Greek and Romans made the perfume botttle with material of alabaster, agate and porphyry. It keep presently cool inside the bottle to store the perfume for longer time. After that, the Syrians have invented the glass blowing technology to mold the glass bottle before cooling. And then the method of blowing glass bottle into a mold appeared, so it can have the same shape bottle to be produced. 

By the end of 19th century, the smart perfumer started to fill the perfume into different beautiful glass bottles to meet different requirement of customers. Since then, the appearance of bottle become the important factor to determine the sales volume of perfume.

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