Why purchase perfume bottle packaging in China?

Why purchase perfume bottle packaging in China?


Why made in China? We has the complete industry chain to support the convenient purchasing.

You can work with GP Bottles for glass perfume bottle, perfume cap, pump sprayer, collar, decorations and perfume box .

Made in China

Are you using goods made in China. Do you like goods made in China. Have you ever noticed nearly all the daily goods around you are made in China. Why? 

Maybe due to the low labour hood. Actually the labour cost is creasing every year. Although its not as high as developed countries, comparing with southeast Asia, labour cost in China is not so competitive now. The most essential part of the biggest producer is a complete industry chain.

Like one bottle of perfume. Firstly the essence perfume itself can be found in China from perfume factory. Then for the packaging and filling, we can find glass bottle factories, crystal bottle factories, zamaz cap factories, plastic bottle factories, spray factories, as well as packing case factories all in China.  

If you are tired of looking for different kinds of factories, please let GP BOTTLES to do that. We can find different perfume suppliers in China. And we have our own perfume packaging factories. With professional technique more than 10 years. We can make most suitable perfume packaging for you.

What are you think about? Do not hesitate, please onctact us, let me know you more.